Miss Reef Mar del Plata 2007 !!

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Miss Reef Argentina Mar del Plata 2007 - Florencia Tesouro the Winner :

Photos Juanjo Varrá - MissPlaya Staff : The afternoon was hell cold man ! the sky dark and i better not to mention the sea... we had a cold swell from the Antartics, fortunately the Marplatenses are well prepared for weather like this and worse, so were the Miss Reef Contestants, very brave girls who didn't hesitate to take THE CLOTHES OFF and dress their tiny bikinis to heat up the beach and the people, and of course they got what they wanted ... WE WERE BURNING IN FLAMES when they walked on the runway at the Paradero Abra Cadabra. I didn't stop shooting from the camerinos to the runway so you can now see what i saw that glorious afternoon !!

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