List of Miss Reef winners of the World

Reef, the clothing brand from Argentina is world famous because of the beauty of the models they book for their amazing adds. Once a year, during the summers of the main cities of the world, the Miss Reef Bikini Contest or Bikini Open takes place, almost always together with a surf or snowboard championship.

This contest gets different names depending of the country such as "Cola del Verano" in argentina or "Chica Reef".

Here a list of the winners and second best places of the history of this beauty contest.



2016 - Camila Scarinci

2015 - Lucia Scholtus

2014 - Yohana Picech

  camila scarinci miss reef mar del plata 2016 argentina Lucía Scholtus Miss Reef Mar del Plata 2015 Yohana Picech Miss Reef cola del veerano argentina 2014





2013 - Lis Moreno

2012 - Sofia Albor

2011- Vicky Alvarez

2010 - Lisset Sanessi

Lis Moreno Cola Reef Argentina 2013

sofia albor miss reef argentina 2012

Miss Reef Argentina 2011 Victoria Vicky Viky Alvarez bikini contest cola del verano fotos videos photos pics pictures thong

lisset sanessi miss reef mar del plata argentina 2010 fotos videos


2009 - Luli Olivetto

2008 - Noelia Barrios

2007 Florencia Tesouro

2006 Agustina Schilardi

Luli Oliveto Miss Reef Mar del Plata Argentina 2009 Cola del Verano Butt Winner Bikini Contest

Noelia Barrios Miss Reef Mar del Plata Argentina 2008

Florencia Tesouro

Agustina Schilardi

2006 Pamela Acuña

2005 Karina Ollero

2004 Déborah del Valle

2003 Julia Ortega

Pamela Acuña

Karina Ollero


Julia Ortega


Carla Tahuil





Otras Chicas Reef



Noelia Marzol

Devora Comba (Princesa Bikini Open Argentina 2006)



Noelia Marzol fotos y videos hot revista hombre







2017 Not Held

2016 Veronica Vieyra (Arg)

2015 Thiare Fernandez

2014 Claudia Acuña

  Miss Reef Chile Veronica Vieyra 2016 from Cordoba Thiare Fernandez Miss Reef Chile 2015 Miss reef chile claudia acuña 2014





2013 Lorena Galvez

2012 Karen del Castillo (Col)

2011 Sabrina Sosa (Arg)

2010 - 2009 - 2008

Lorena Galvez Miss Reef Chile 2013 Karen del Castillo Modelo colombiana Miss Reef Reñaca Chile 2012 Sabrina Sosa Miss Reef Chile 2013

Not held

2007 Noelia Chazarreta (Arg)

2006 Karina Muñoz

2005 Lucila Vit (Arg)

2004 M. Lauda Donoso

Noelia Chazarreta

Karina Muñoz

Lucila Vit

María Laura Donoso

2003 Begoña Mancilla

Other reef girls Chile



Mariana Marino (2005)
Evelina Kimen (2da 2005)
Roxana Muñoz
Wilma González
Carla Lezada









2011 Giannina Lujan

2011 Rocío Miranda

2010 Vanessa Tello

2009 Not held

Giannina Lujan Miss Reef Peru 2011

Rocio Miranda Contestant Miss Reef Peru 2011

Vanessa Tello Miss Reef Peru 2010



2008 Tatiana Swidin

2007 Tilsa Lozano

2006 Not Held

2005 Mirna Cabrera

  Tilsa Lozano    


2006 Ariela Medeiros

Sunessis de Brito
















Sofía AlvaradoSofía Alvarado(Miss Reef Panamá 2002)

Yiselle Morales(Miss Reef Panamá 2003)

Julissa Quiróz

Yulissa Quiroz

(Miss Reef Panamá 2004)

Yasuri Fuentes

Yasuri Fuentes

(2da finalista Miss Reef Panamá 2004)

Yasuri Fuentes (2da finalista Miss Reef Panamá 2004)

Sofía Alvarado (Miss Reef Panamá 2002)

Nicole Pérez (Miss Reef Panamá 2005)

Yiselle Morales Yiselle Morales(Miss Reef Panamá 2003)

Stephanie Thompson (Miss Reef Panamá 2006)

Edita Atencio (Miss Reef Chiriquí 2004)



Glenny Rosado (Miss Reef República Dominicana 2007)

Natalia Elizabeth Baccino Pazcel

Natalia Baccino(Miss Reef Classic Latin Pro 2006)



Costa Rica

2009 Kimberly Chavez Keilyn Castro    
  Keillyn Castro    

España - Spain (Palma de Mallorca)

2006 Agustina Schilardi (Arg)      
Agustina Schilardi Miss Reef Palma de Mallorca 2006 Spain      





Maria Eugenia Scalise (Miss Reef España)

Lorena Verdesio Lorena Verdesio(Miss Reef 2001 en Punta del Este)

Romina Isen (Miss Reef Uruguay 2006)

Laura Pérez Milán (Miss Reef España)

Jocelyn "Cucu" Medina

Lucila Espindola (Miss Reef 2003)

Marisol Oliver Llerena

Marisol Oliver Llerena

Nidyan Fabregat

Aracelis Bochio

Mariana Marino


Holly Mason


Claire NewbyClaire Newby      


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